Motion / Web

An interactive invitation deigned, animated and coded in Adobe Flash, for Blast Advertising and Southern Sun International.

This was a challenging project in many ways. Blast Agency approached us with the idea of animating floating cutlery and food pieces, whilst also combining a sense of interactivity with an invitation form.

To view the working project, please click here.

Select guests would receive the invitation and have the option of choosing to book a seat at one of Southern Suns tables where they’d enjoy a gourmet meal served by one of South Africa’s top chefs. On selecting this option they fill in a form with their details and dietary requirements. After it has been successfully processed, the once suspended food and cutlery drops neatly into place with the resulting message: “the best of friends, cuisine and wine await”.

If they choose that they will not be attending the food, and select this option, the food floats up and the emptycutlery falls onto the table, with the message: “You will be missed”. After this they still have an option to change their mind.