Branding / Motion / Promotional

Magic Circus is a global eventing company, based predominantly out of the USA.

The Natural Agent helped Magic Circus to pitch to the club Pacha Ibiza, to host a thematic party.

The proposed event had a concept around fantasy, surrealism and theatrics.

It’s a play on old and new, with the décor and artwork having an antique/vintage feel yet having technology play a crucial role in the form of interactive applications and video mapping at the actual event and the worlds best offerings in electronic music.

The concept is also a play on light and dark, innocence and seduction, as well as adulthood and the inner workings of the childlike imagination. It is essentially a twist on fantasy, a sense or eeriness, mystery and wonder.

We were required to create a new logo for Magic Circus, create a short video introduction for the pitch in order to set the tone, design the visual elements and various themed rooms for the club, propose a website design, and compile everything into a visual presentation.